Introduction of Meditation 

Have you been intrigued by meditation for a while now? But you find it hard to turn your brain off, feel a little silly sat there - legs crossed when really, it’s completely alien to you?

Don’t worry, that’s natural at first. Our lives are so busy and society has trained our brains to run on this hectic brain wave, when really our brains aren’t actually capable of multi-tasking. In fact, we are much better at focusing on one thing at a time and the brain waves achieved through meditation is actually a very natural state but unfortunately, it’s difficult to achieve because we are so busy, busy, busy all of the time.


The benefits of meditation include;

  • Reduce and control anxiety

  • Enhances self-awareness

  • Lengthens attention span

  • Promotes emotion wellbeing

  • Reduce stress 

  • Improves sleep

  • Can decrease blood pressure


Once you learn how to meditate and make it part of your daily (or weekly) practise, it becomes like second nature to you. As easy to breath into as being in your own skin. This practise can improve all of the list above as well as many, many more benefits. One of the most important parts of meditation is the connection you will develop with your highest self. This soul connection, once reawakened is truly a remarkable connection that will enhance your life forever. 


Here at creative Musings we are all things creative. A creative connection with soul can start with connecting to it through meditation, a learning to incorporate free association writing afterwards is key to exploration of self. This journaling method uses the clarity of a relaxed state of mind achieved after meditation, to focus your thoughts and set intentions of the soul. Making them so clear and achievable that you will come to consider this meditation method essential to your life.


This collection of guided meditations, are designed for someone new to meditation. Someone who is unsure of why or how to meditate. Each meditation will take place at Creative Musings studio, will consist of; a consultation into the prep for each meditation, any focus or intentions needed for the meditation, the guided meditation itself and the journaling process.


This programme will give you the basics the forming your new routine for meditation. In the completion of this programme you will have welcomed the art of meditation into your life.


This is a 6-part programme, designed to take place over a 2 week period. All bookings for this beginner’s guide can be arranged through

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